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Illustrations by Chris Van Dusen
Images Courtesy of Seafood Business Magazine

   Latin: Merluccius australus

French: Merlu du sud

German: Seebecht

Spanish: Merluza austral

Russian: Norozelandskaya merluza

Japanese: Nankyokykaikuin


The name antarctic queen is the American name for a whiting that is caught in the austral seas of the south Pacific Ocean. They usually weigh about 4 kg (9 lbs) which is slightly larger than most whitings or hake that belong in the same family. The fish is also called New Zealand Hake in the United States.


Commercial Aspects

 Exporting Countries
Chile, New Zealand

Primary Consumers
Europe, United States

Annual harvest is approximately 45,000 metric tons worldwide and is harvested year round.

Production Trends

Diet/Health Info

Production Trends


 The Global Supply


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