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Illustrations by Chris Van Dusen
Images Courtesy of Seafood Business Magazine

  Latin: Genypterus spp.

French: Abadeche du Cap

German: Kingklip

Spanish: Rosada del Cabo

Russian: Kingkleep

Japanese: Kingukuripu


There are four commercially available varieties of the kingklip; red, golden, black, and south. All four varieties are similarly shaped, and on the outside differ mainly in the color of their skin. The name of the variety, in most cases, indicates the overall hue of the fish. Buyers should be aware that the more expensive red and golden varieties can be substituted with the cheaper black variety. Black kingklip meat is lighter, larger, and firmer than the meat of its more expensive cousins.


Commercial Aspects

 Exporting Countries
Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa

Primary Consumers
United States, Japan, Spain, France, Canada, South America


 The Global Supply


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