A little history…

Estancias  SunsetIn 1908, a United States Patent was issued by President Theodore Roosevelt on an expansive and exceptionally scenic 16,365 acre tract in Taos County. The property is situated at the south end of the Taos Valley on the sloping foothills of the Picuris Mountains. The views of the Taos Valley and Rio Grande Gorge are no less than exceptional. January 4, 1913, about one year after New Mexico became a state, W. H. Klauer acquired an interest in the property. By 1920 the family had secured ownership of most of what was ultimately to be a 10,000 acre portion of the original tract. It remains the largest single ownership land holding in the Taos Valley.

In 1996, the Klauer family made the decision to develop a small portion of their land holding and set a goal to create a low impact, high quality living environment. The result was the 284 acre El Mirador subdivision, a development which is now noted as one of the most scenic and well planned developments in the Taos Valley. The success of El Mirador spawned a second development just east. You are invited to view and hopefully become a part of Estancias Atalaya, the best of quality living environments in the region.


A Design Concept For Estancias Atalaya

Flyfishing in TaosThe ultimate goal of the Estancias Atalaya Subdivision is to provide a low impact, quality living environment that exceeds anything previously presented in Taos County.

If you become an Estancias Atalaya owner you will be expected to minimize your impact on the landscape by contractually agreeing to restrictions which include building height limitations, architectural standards, exterior lighting restrictions, and non-development areas outside of the building envelopes. Purchasers in the subdivision must believe in the maintenance of the environment for the benefit of their neighbors as well as themselves.

In exchange, you will enjoy neighbors who are people of like minds, committed just as you are to the preservation of the views, architectural integrity, character of the terrain, appeal of the wildlife, and tranquil living environment offered by the development.

Estancias Atalaya is located on an elevated slope approximately eight miles south and west of Taos. The unique elevated terrain offers the best views available in Taos County. Urban services such as shopping and schools are located in Taos and Taos Country Club is located approximately 3.9 road miles northeast of Estancias Atalaya. The developer has installed amenities including power, telephone, natural gas, water systems, and Taos County specification roadways to the lot line. We are going to great lengths to retain the rural flavor and pristine appeal of the area so don't expect streetlights or paved roads.

Rafting in the Rio Grande


Entrance to EstanciasThe Carson National Forest, Orilla Verde Recreation Area, the Rio Grande, and Rio Grande Gorge are short drives south and west. Due in part to the philanthropic efforts of the Klauer Family, theOverlook Project is now available to the public with approximately 2,600 acres of pristine public space. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the area has amazing hiking and biking trails that travel along the Rio Grande Gorge.It is only about 1.5 miles southwest of Estancias Atalaya. Or if you prefer, don’t even leave Estancias Atalaya and enjoy the loop hiking and biking trail system within our 19.5 acre dedicated open space area, or just walk along the road system and enjoy the spectacular views.

Wildlife corridors remain protected within easements that follow natural drainages through the property. Expect to enjoy the deer, elk, and the astounding amount of bird life.

Roads within the subdivision are constructed to Taos County specifications. They are owned and maintained by the Estancias Atalaya Property Owner’s Association to assure the exceptional quality is maintained. All lot owners are be required to be a member.

If you are not familiar with New Mexico water law, you may be in for some surprises. There are limitations on how much water you may draw from your home well and for what purposes you may use it. We are thoroughly confident that the State's annual water allowance is more water than you are ever likely to use. But we want to remind you that water use is regulated and conservation is highly encouraged. You will note water conservation measures in our restrictions.

4 Ski areas within 50 milesThe developer has constructed an excellent water system based on 8 high producing wells with exceptional water quality. A geohyrdology study was completed by Glorieta Geosciences Inc. and the study is available to any who would like to review it. The report indicates the wells are some the best producing wells in this quadrant of Taos County, again with exceptional water quality. Each lot has a water line to its boundary and private metering.

State regulations also govern the kind of sewage disposal system you may construct. All of the lots have soil characteristics which accept private septic system installation. Nevertheless, the developer requires Environmental Division approval of all such systems.

Your house plans and any other construction plans must conform to the high standards we have set for Estancias Atalaya. Regardless of the three acre and larger tract sizes, you will be prevented from further subdividing the tract. This is a requirement of the subdivision plat approval, is imposed to protect the low density appeal of the property and integrity of the view sheds, and is also a deed restriction on the land for full enforcement.

To Gijosa Preservation Company, the development of this land in a harmonious rather than an exploitative way is imperative, for the sake of the land itself as well as those who choose to become residents of Estancias Atalaya.

If you can see the benefits of adhering to our requirements, we look forward to having you as an Estancias Atalaya owner.