The Drug Education Fiasco

and how it affects your kids

Some of the presuably well-intentioned drug education efforts produce negative results, and we have to look at it as a cruel hoax. Here's how it happens: Do-gooders get all whipped up about de debbil in dem drugs, but a lot of them aren't qualified to teach the kids anything -- they don't know a roach from a reuben. They have swallowed the decades-old lies that abound, and they parrot them to the kids. They try to tell the kids that pot and coke and smack are all the same, etc. etc.

You think these kids are stupid or something? They know damn well that there is a huge difference between pot and smack, for instance. And you'd better believe that they know when they've been lied to. So what do they do? Since they find the "information" they have been given to be at best suspect, more likely worthless, they experiment; they find out for themselves. Some of them learn the hard way. Some get hooked. Some get dead. Some kids who end up dead would be alive if they hadn't been lied to. Now, do you still think the drug-ed stuff is worthwhile?

I could write more about the insane dichotomy of all the legal drugs that get abused right in front of these same kids while the blind are trying to lead them, but I'll just close the essay with this slogan:
Say N2O to Drugs

P.S. One of the funniest things I ever saw in my life was in a "drug education kit" that a friend had, a county sheriff -- anyway, there were examples of what various substances and paraphrenalia looked like. Most of them were accurate. But the thing that was supposed to represent peyote looked more like a cake of soap with a flower design, and it had me rolling on the floor laughing. Oh well. Maybe you had to be there.

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